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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is YellowDish?

YellowDish is an unique online food court. Restaurants can display images of their foods and take orders via YellowDish. Customers can find their favorite dish in a new and unique way. Customers can search for their favorite food by typing in keywords so that a variety of food from many different restaurants displays in one place. Then customers can click on their favorite dish and to find restaurant information. This way of searching is unique. There are more chances of dishes getting discovered and restaurants attracting new customers. Customers can also search for restaurants by typing in keywords as well.

Is this really free? How can you maintain this free service?

Yes, it is. In order to provide this free restaurant ordering system, we have lowered our running cost to as low as possible. We do have optional support services with small fees.(See Pricing) We plan to add more useful optional services in the future.

Who can use this service?

Any type of restaurant, including delis, located in the United States can use this service. However, you cannot upload or sell any alcoholic beverages on YellowDish.

We don't have internet access in our restaurant. Can we still use the service?

Yes, you can. You can use a fax machine and/or a smart phone to receive online orders.

How do we know when we receive new orders?

You can choose your preference of how to receive order notices. You can use email or fax to get order details if it's your preferred way. Fax is followed by an automatic phone call in order to verify your receipt. You can always get order details online on your store account. You can add automatic phone calls to inform you when you receive a new order to avoid overlooking your orders. These are all free.

What payment methods can we offer to our customers on YellowDish?

You can offer to your customers either cash payment or card payment or both. We don't get involved in any of the payment process between you and your customers. In order to use card payment, you must add your PayPal business account on YellowDish. Then, you can receive card payments directly from customers via PayPal. Customers can make card payments without opening a Paypal account. PayPal accepts Visa, Master, Amex and Discover cards. If a customer already has a PayPal account, the customer does not have to retype card details. PayPal is a great choice for both customers and restaurants. Restaurants can receive the payment quickly through their PayPal account. You can open a PayPal business account with no monthly fee, but PayPal's fee is deducted from each individual payment. Opening a PayPal account is a simple process. Please visit for more details.

We don't deliver. We can only offer takeout. Can we use YellowDish for takeouts only?

Yes, you can. You can use our free restaurant ordering system for takeouts only as well. You can choose from services that include delivery, takeout and/or catering.

Can we customize our page on YellowDish?

Yes. You can create unique tabs for free. You don't need to code to create them. You can use the tabs to introduce your restaurant, display today's special menus, etc.

Can we use the restaurant ordering system on our website?

Yes, you can. Just link the URL of your store page on YellowDish to your website. Then, you can start receiving orders via your website. You can use our restaurant ordering system for free.

Can we use the restaurant ordering system on our social media?

Of course. Like with your website, you can link the URL of your store page on YellowDish to your social media page. Then, you can start receiving orders via your social media at no cost.

How can we control business hours and our delivery area?

You can configure business hours and days on our restaurant ordering system. The timer controls your business hours automatically. Also, you can set your delivery radius. YellowDish figures out whether or not the delivery address is within your delivery area.

What kind of coupon can we create?

There are two types of coupons you can create on our restaurant ordering system, offline, which is printable, and online. For offline coupons, you can create any type of coupon. For online coupons, you can create discount coupons. In the case of online coupons, you can limit the total number of coupons available to customers. You can also limit one coupon per customer. You can set expiry dates for either of the coupons.

Can we use Yellowdish's free restaurant ordering system for multiple restaurants?

Yes, you can add multiple restaurants onto your account.

Can we expect to see an increase in orders automatically after using this service?

As much as YellowDish wishes to help increase your business, any market place may not work in such a simple way. Even if you join a large market place, you have a lot of competition among other participating restaurants, although there is a lot of traffic. We are just starting out. By signing up early, you have less competition to compete against. You want to advertise your restaurant by reaching out to your customers in various ways. Take advantage and join us earlier rather than later.

We have never heard of YellowDish. When did you start?

YellowDish was launched on Nov 27th, 2014 in Fairfield County, CT without any online ordering features. We added the online ordering feature in the fall of 2015. We made our online ordering service free in May of 2016.

Do we need pictures of all menu items in order to receive online orders?

No, you don't have to. You can receive orders without images. However, only dishes with images are displayed on the front page as part of the keyword search results. Therefore, you have higher chances to be discovered if you upload many pictures. We suggest that you start with a limited number of images. Then, upload more images later.

Do we need to use our original images for our food?

Yes. You can only use your original images for your menu items. We strictly prohibit the use of images that are not your original images, e.g. stock photo. All images you upload should be royalty free, genuine photos of your food.

Can YellowDish upload our menus for us?

Yes, we can. We are happy to help you upload your menus with a small, one time fee. It is time consuming to set up, so you can save a lot of time by using our optional support service. (See Pricing)

Do we need a long term commitment to use the service?

No, you don't. You can cancel the service anytime with a 30 day advanced notice. This advanced notice is to protect customers.

Do we need to sign any contract?

Yes. You need to agree to our general terms & conditions and our privacy policy. In addition to these, you will need to agree to an agreement for using of our free online ordering services. This is for our due diligence to protect customers and maintain YellowDish as a safe market place for everyone.

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